News International ISTC Agency Announces New Registration Agencies and New Website London, UK (September, 2011) – The International ISTC Agency, the official Registration Authority for the International Standard Text Code (ISTC), is pleased to announce its appointment of two new registration agencies (ISTC-RAs). This brings the total number of ISTC-RAs up to ten.

La Société de gestion de la Banque de Titres de Langue française (BTLF) is based in Montréal, Canada and provides bibliographic and related services to Canadian francophone publishers. BTLF is a pioneer in the implementation of the ONIX standard in Canada. As a local agency for the promotion of ISTC, BTLF reaffirms its commitment for the development of the book supply chain’s infrastructure, both for paper and digital formats.

The Beijing Institute of Coding for Resources (CCR) is based in Beijing, China and will be providing ISTC registration services for mainland China, commencing from this October.

Contact details of all ISTC-RAs can be found on the International ISTC Agency website ( that was recently updated to include a new ISTC database search tool. This allows free access to the whole ISTC database and is primarily intended to demonstrate the wide range of information about textual works that can be made available to 3rd-party systems (subject to licence) via a SOAP web-service which connects the website to the database.

The ISTC is an approved ISO standard (ISO 21047), providing a means of uniquely identifying textual works in information systems. It facilitates the enhancement of discovery tools, enabling them to identify and group together publications of the same textual content. The ISTC also facilitates exchange of information about such works between publishers, authors and authors associations, collective management organizations, libraries, search engines and others on an international level. More information regarding the ISTC standard is available at, the official web site of the International ISTC Agency.

Publishers, authors, rights-holders and others interested in the ISTC are encouraged to participate with their local ISTC registration agency to exchange required meta-data about their works and groupings of works that are intended for ISTC assignment. More information about the ISTC can be accessed at The International ISTC Agency encourages organisations interested in becoming an ISTC Registration Agency to contact the International ISTC Agency via its managing agent: Nick Woods, Operations Manager, EDItEUR at +44 (0)20 7503 6418 or

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Formed in 2008, The International ISTC Agency is a not-for-profit company appointed by the International Standards Organisation ISO as global authority responsible for the promotion, coordination and supervision of ISO 21047 - International Standard Text Code (ISTC) standard and system.

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