International ISTC Agency The International ISTC Agency Ltd operates the International Registration Authority for the International Standard Text Code (ISTC) standard ISO21047. The International ISTC Agency Ltd (“IIA”) was registered as a not-for-profit company in 2008 and is operated by its founding members: Nielsen Book, CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) and IFFRO (The International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations).

As the ISTC Registration Authority appointed by ISO, the IIA’s responsibilities include the following:
  • Operating a centralised database of ISTC numbers and their associated metadata;
  • Appointing appropriate organisations as ISTC registration agencies;
  • Developing, implementing and enforcing policies and procedures regarding the usage of the centralised ISTC database;
  • Developing, implementing and enforcing policies and procedures governing the operations of ISTC registration agencies including any fees associated with the allocation of ISTC numbers;
  • Facilitating the review and resolution of any duplicate applications for or registration of textual works;
  • Reviewing and deciding on appeals against decisions made by ISTC registration agencies in such matters as:
    • rejection of ISTC applications;
    • disputes concerning the accuracy of the ISTC metadata for a work.
Details of how to contact the IIA are available on the Contact Us page of this website.