About the ISTC ISTC Benefits For many reasons, most textual content is made available in more than one format or edition, and often by more than one publisher. While for many years the ISBN has made it easy to distinguish these different products, now the ISTC makes it possible to group these products containing the same content, or even in some cases, different content with the same origins, together. This makes it possible to:

Improve Discoverability of books and other written publications:
  • Instead of needing to know all the different titles under which the same work has been published, the user need only find one edition, from which the ISTC number can be used to link all alternative editions of the work.
  • Conversely, when a publication has a title shared with, or similar to that of completely different works, the results-list of a search can be reduced to include only the desired work. This can be more precise, and certainly quicker, then relying on refining a search using one or more contributor names, especially when the author has written several works with similar titles
Comply With Territorial Rights:
  • Online retailers often accidentally list (and sell) publications intended for specific countries when they ought to be selling only a different, territory-specific edition. When an ISTC is included in the product record for each of the different editions, it is possible to automatically exclude those editions for which a territory-specific equivalent (with “sole market rights” is available.
Improve Collections Management and Sales & Loans Analysis:
  • Librarians and library systems can easily & accurately collocate publications automatically, even when they have different titles, when an ISTC is included in the catalogue record.
  • Sales analyses and analyses of loans can be efficiently run at the level of a work instead just of unique editions. This addresses the problem of putting a value to the total sales of multiple editions, or the total number of library loans where one or more libraries has different editions of a publication.