Welcome! The International Standard Text Code (ISTC) is a numbering system for the unique identification of text-based works; the term “work” can refer to any content appearing in conventional printed books, audio-books, static e-books or enhanced digital books, as well as content which might appear in a newspaper or journal. The ISTC provides sales analysis systems, retail websites, library catalogues and other bibliographic systems with a method of automatically linking together publications of the “same content” and/or “related content”, thus improving discoverability of products and efficiencies. An ISTC number is the link between a user’s search for a piece of content and the ultimate sale or loan of a publication.
Latest News In 2017, the International ISTC Agency ceased operation. After becoming aware of this, a public call for a new hosts to assume the Registration Authority responsibilities was circulated, which unfortunately received no responses. As a result, the ISO Technical Subcommittee (ISO TC 46/SC 9) responsible for the International Standard Text Code (ISTC) - ISO 21047:2009 withdrew the standard in September 2021. No new ISTC identifiers will be assigned, nor will previously assigned data be maintained. People may still use previously assigned ISTC numbers, but be aware that these records are no longer being updated. Also the lookup functionality on this site is no longer functioning. If you have questions regarding the ISTC data, please contact ISO Customer Service, as the Agency has transferred registration data to the ISO Central Secretariat. This site will eventually be taken down. After this site is retired, you may view an archived version of the site’s main content at the Internet Archive via: https://web.archive.org/web/20210508175908/http://www.istc-international.org/ Please note that the site’s ISTC lookup functionality no longer functions on this site, nor will it work on that version.
The Link between Search and a Sale